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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I just finished reading a book so phenomenal that I felt I had to share it with everyone who keeps up with my live journal. If you’re looking for something exceptional to read, let me suggest the new fiction novel Capt Hook by J.V. Hart. Yes, it may be considered a “children’s book” but this writer’s first novel is better than some much more experienced and popular writer’s tenth or twentieth books. Hart, however, is not a newcomer to the writing scene. He is well known for his screenplays that include Muppet Treasure Island, Contact, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and of course, Hook.

This new novel is a great adventure in which the reader learns of Captain Hook’s past and Hart takes us on a journey like no other. His writing is vivid and lush, descriptive, leaving nothing but beautiful pictures in our imaginations of his take on Neverland and how one of my all time favorite villains got there. If you are familiar with the story of Peter Pan, you will love the foreshadowing and symbolism that Hart uses throughout the novel to enrich his characters. For those of us who love pirate stories and Peter Pan, Hart has hidden goodies all through his text for us to find. His main character King James Matthew Bastard for instance, happens to have the same initials as our beloved J.M. Barrie (author of Peter Pan) and whose best friend happens to go by the nickname Jolly Roger. Almost all of his characters, for that matter seem to have some sort of symbolic names. There are Davies, Llewellyns, etc as well as characters with significant first names.

I don’t want to spoil too much, but I have to elaborate a bit on one of my favorite parts where we meet Jas’ pet spider: a nine inch black beauty with yellow spots in the shape of a hook on her back. She enjoys sitting on Jas’ hand, where due to her largeness, she manages to cover his entire hand! Loved it!
I simply can’t express how awesome Hart’s writing is or how much I thoroughly enjoyed his story. You must read it for yourself. I promise you will be in for a treat.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Hang in there with me readers...

So as anyone else been bored enough to read Jennifer Anniston’s “tell all” interview in this month’s Vanity Fair? Well, I could say it’s because I want to be informed at my job or I could say that I had nothing else to do, but neither would be true. The truth is I’m just nosy.

So I read the whole damn four page thing (how many people really want to see her in her underwear after all? I mean, come on, even Brad Pitt said he’d had enough, but I digress). But after reading it, I have to give her credit for one thing: The paragraph where she talks about not being a victim. Finally, someone out there who takes responsibility and refuses to pass the buck on to someone else. And although I’ve never been a fan of hers, I must say that I admire and respect her for that. There are entirely too many people in our American society who blame everything that goes wrong for them on someone else. And yes, I am writing this with someone in particular in mind, but it is something that I have felt about Americans in general for a very long time.

Granted, I understand that it is easier to blame someone else for your problems, point your finger at someone else for things that have occurred due to your own faults, failures, or shortcomings. It’s a hell of a lot easier to play the victim and whine and complain about the unfairness that life has dealt you. And I’m sure it’s easier to sleep at night when you don’t have to think about how you could have done things differently or (heaven forbid I even type it) better.
So I applaud Jennifer Anniston’s refusal to become a victim. And I believe more women should try and take to heart what she is getting at there. It’s time we own up to our own faults and stop pointing our fingers at the other people around us. And of all people, Anniston could definitely have played the victim card and played it well, if she had wanted to. She could have cried to America about how unfair it all was and Americans would have responded. “Poor Jennifer Anniston, look at what a horrible husband Brad Pitt is,” or “Look at that homewrecker Angelina Jolie.” But she didn’t. Instead, she bucked up and took responsibility for her part. In the article she claims that it was both her fault as well as Pitt’s…which is fair, I believe, since it was their relationship.
But not once does Anniston make any negative comments whatsoever about Jolie. Talk about having good character. She doesn’t bad mouth her or point a single finger in her direction. So congratulations to America’s sweetheart for winning my vote. Now if only more Americans could follow in her footsteps and be such classy and respectable citizens.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Me and Rob

Too cute not to post...he's so hot.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

feeling yucky

Wrote a long entry, but it didn’t come out like I wanted it to. I’m just frustrated with so many things right now. Just when it seems like everything’s going to come together is when it all starts seeming like it’s going to fall apart again. I’m so tired of feeling this way. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but something’s got to change. I’m tired of the mood swings…tired of the ups and downs…just tired….so fucking tired.