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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Greetings from Clearwater

Bonjour! So, last night was my second night of twisting balloons for tips. It really sucks to have to work all day and night, but I’m getting paid to see my boyfriend pretty much so it can’t be all that bad, right? I suppose not. So, my first night out I made a whopping $3.00 and then last night I made $11.00 so I guess things are getting better…but I need them to get A LOT better. For now though, I’ve abandoned my idea of working part time as a member of a pirate crew and I’m gonna see how things work out with Rob. If I can make good money doing it, this would definitely be the ideal situation…especially when we start filming the movie…etc. Rob and I spent the day in Clearwater today. At this moment, he’s twisting balloons and perhaps doing a bit of magic as well at Champps while I sit in the mall and write. I’ve found a quiet little spot by a fountain…good lighting, no people walking by, and the running water is just loud enough to drown out the Muzak and the annoying shopper’s conversations. Maybe when I finish this I’ll try and actually read a bit. Rob and I had lunch at this nice little restaurant me and my family found when we were down here. It sits right on the water and you can eat outside. We stayed there for a while, me working on my PotC fanfiction that I haven’t updated in decades and Rob working on the script. Nothing is better than sitting on the beach, drinking rum, eating seafood and watching the pirate ship go by while writing my pirate story. Argh! Until you drink too much rum, start to get tipsy and your boyfriend has to drive. Then you get where you’re going and you try to write to pass the time, but your head hurts too bad to actually think…yeah, not so much fun.Alright, enough for now…I’m gonna try to go read The Three Musketeers. My head hurts way too bad to get any creative or productive writing done.Bonsoir!


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