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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Oh to meet Mr. Depp

So, for perhaps the first time in my life (if it has happened before now, it was unbeknownst to me) I am in the same city as Johnny Depp. That’s right, I was informed that he is in Orlando right now as we speak. I’ve even heard from a fairly good source what hotel he is staying in, but I suppose that would be super psycho stalkeresque to actually attempt to find out if the rumor is true by visiting the hotel myself. And besides, the man likes his privacy, no doubt.So I assume that Johnny has quite a few things to visit the states for this week. His good friend, Hunter Thompson’s funeral for one. Although, do you call it a funeral when the man’s wish is to be cremated and fired from a cannon? Hmmm… Rumor has it that Johnny will perhaps provide the cannon, isn’t that what friends are for? So the literary world loses another fine author. A big thanks to E who decided to inform the entertainment world with a scroll across the bottom of their programs reading “…Today, Hunter S. Thompson accidentally fatally shot himself in the head…” Accidentally fatally shot himself in the head…hmmm…guess no one proofread that sentence for clarity. Nice. Reason number two would be none other than the fine Academy Awards. Now all of us true Johnny fans know that he has a snowball’s chance in hell of actually being awarded anything this year. I mean come on; if he couldn’t win one for Pirates, which was one of the most original cinematic characters of all times, how does his portrayal of J. M. Barrie have even the tiniest shot in the dark? So I guess the Academy likes to tease us…just dangling the bait in our faces and then snatching it away. I’m convinced that it will take Johnny’s death for most of the world to actually realize the talent that it has lost. (Sigh) Finally, talks of the next Pirates are in the making, I hear. Yet another reason for him to visit our fine city owned by none other than the mouse himself.So…even if I don’t get to see him this time…I’m getting closer! Dammit!


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