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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

A Short Story

Alright, so I still haven’t updated the fanfiction. Sorry mates :o( But I was productive in writing this weekend. The idea for this short story came to me while I was at home Wednesday…it hit me and wouldn’t go away until I put it on paper…despite the fact that my dad was watching TV and I had to focus way too hard to put the words down. Regardless, it’s been edited and here it is for your reading enjoyment. I’d like some thoughts if you feel like commenting or emailing me. I kind of want to see if I got the message across that I was attempting to convey. What are your final thoughts on the story? Enjoy and there will be updates from this weekend later on :o)

She entered the party from a side door and even from all the way across the room, she caught his attention immediately. She looked absolutely ravishing tonight and he wasn’t sure if it was just his imagination or if everyone really did turn to stare at her as she passed by.

She was dressed for the occasion, but had no date by her side. Her dress was the color of the sky and he could only imagine how well it must have offset the shade of her eyes. It flowed loosely down around her ankles and barely clung to her skin in all the right places. Silver strappy sandals added over an inch to her height and drew his eyes slowly down and back up her body. Despite the way the fabric flowed loosely around her, it still managed to accent her tiny waist. The low neck played up the cleavage that she would always wish for more of, but fit her body perfectly none-the-less.

At her throat she wore a single strand of pearls. Her arms remained bare except for the deep tan she carried from the southern sun. He subconsciously checked her ring finger for a wedding band.

What in the world was he doing, he thought. It hadn’t been that long since they had last spoken. And what if she was engaged? What did he care? He didn’t want her back.

She only wore one ring on her right hand, an exquisite emerald that he was sure he had never seen before. He briefly wondered where it had come from. A gift, perhaps?

She moved through the room gracefully, smiling and speaking to anyone she came across. She looked happy and she seemed to spread her radiance to those around her. An angel, he thought, she could pass for an angel tonight. The way she seemed to touch everyone she encountered without ever really doing anything special.

It was that smile, he thought. That smile that could melt a thousand ice cold hearts, his included, even in the dead of winter.

Her hair was pulled up and away from her face, allowing her features to express their full beauty. It was curled and styled loosely in a bun, revealing the small spot on the back of her neck that he used to love to kiss. The spot that he knew would send thousands of small shivers down her spine.

Tiny pearl strands dangled from her ears, loosely grazing her neck. And then there were those thoughts of her neck again. But he wouldn’t think about that tonight, wouldn’t dwell on lost memories. Tonight he wanted to enjoy her true beauty and he must admit that she was beautiful.

The party continued on, the dull music of the live band playing on in the background as his thoughts consumed him while he watched her finish her round of greetings. Almost before he realized what he was doing he was headed across the room, putting down his drink, putting out his cigarette, pushing gently through the crowd.

“Excuse me, pardon me,” he apologized.

She was going to leave, he could feel it and he couldn’t let that happen, couldn’t let her get away, not before he had at least spoken to her.

“Miss?” knowing that she couldn’t hear him, not yet anyway.

And then he was there, behind her.

“Excuse me, Miss?” finally close enough for her to hear, “Sarah?”

She turned to face him and for the first time that night their eyes truly met and she stared at him in confusion.

“I’m sorry,” she said, “I don’t believe we’ve met.”
Staring into those glassy dark blue eyes he realized his mistake.

“No, no, you’re right. I’m so sorry to have disturbed you. It’s just, well, you just look like someone I used to know.”

She nodded an acceptance of his apology and stepped away. As he watched her go it seemed as if she glided on top of the floor and he had to force himself to focus on her feet touching the ground just to prove to himself that she had been real.

Elizabeth Ludlow


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