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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Going Home

And they say you can never go home again…but that’s what I’m doing…well, Wednesday at least.

Ahoy there mateys! Did you know that today is national pirate talk day. Good thing I’ve been studying up so diligently. Anyway, I thought I better write and give everyone an update since I’m about to disappear for a week or so. I’m going to die without my internet connection! Whatever will I do when I can’t be connected to the rest of the world for a whole 5 days?!

I should probably be in bed right now. I have Traditions at 8 AM tomorrow…:o( I’m really excited about finally getting to go. I think I will enjoy the class and I will finally get to enjoy my Disney benefits. How long has it been? Three months? That damn rat…robbing us blind at every opportunity.

I’m leaving Wednesday morning to go back home. I’m strangely excited. Isn’t that weird? Who knew I would ever look forward to going back to Alabama. But the truth is I am excited for the chance to see my friends again and my family. Now that Kristin isn’t going with me :o( I can leave two days earlier and actually get to see my family without having to rush out the door to Birmingham for the film festival. I’m also going to have a chance to see some of my Montgomery friends…well, the ones I care about at least. The others will never know I ever even stopped by…bwahaha! Evil laughter ensues.

Anyway…my father is having surgery Friday so I will be staying in Montgomery through that afternoon. Someone has to take care of him and we’ve all learned that Mom is not the nurturer of the family ;o) I’m hoping to get some relaxing done…some reading and writing…but I know it will probably be pure craziness trying to fit everything in while I’m there.

Then it’s off to Birmingham for Sidewalk. I can’t wait to see Melissa again. I have missed her and Mark so much although they have still been a pretty strong lifeline even in Arizona. They’re wonderful friends and I’m so lucky to have met them. I know Melissa will be nervous to see her film on a big screen again…but it’s highly possible that we’ll all be so drunk by then we won’t notice :o) Just kidding…maybe…

Things at Barnes & Nobles are going well. I love the job and I love the people. I’m thinking I’ll probably try to go full time there in the near future…if I can convince David to give me a raise. It’s just so peaceful there and the people are intellectuals…those are hard to come across at TBBBoH. But I digress.

Finally finished reading TC Boyle’s new book The Inner Circle. I highly recommend it to anyone. It’s not what I thought it would be…I handpicked it off the shelf hoping for lots of sex…it is about Dr. Kinsey after all. What I discovered though was a beautifully written descriptive work about a very interestingly drawn group of people. Boyle really makes his characters pop off the page and seem lifelike with descriptions like none I’ve ever read before. Excellent, excellent, excellent read.

Now it’s on to Christopher Pike’s new fantasy world in Alosha. Why did the master of horror decide to focus on elves and dwarves? The idea seems silly, but I’m trying to keep an open mind…

Things at TBBBoH are still…well, hell…just as I said last time. I really need to get motivated to find another job. I cannot deal with those people. They screwed my schedule up again on Saturday. The one in the mini said 5-11, but the cheat sheets said 4-C. What the fuck is that? AARRRGGGHHH (in honor of national pirate talk day and all).

Despite the sucky job frontier I’m still feeling pretty happy. Things are looking up these days. I’ve made some good friends and I’m getting involved with some projects that I’m really excited about. I have a focus…a direction again…and I think that’s good for me.
Well, it’s bedtime. I gotta be up way too early. And after that…I’m headed home. I’m sure that I will have many interesting stories to tell when I return. Until then…Au Revoir!


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