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Saturday, August 28, 2004

The Wonders of Stripped Books

You know how all paperback books have that little paragraph in the beginning that talks about buying the book if the cover has been ripped off? If you don’t, then you either don’t read enough or don’t pay close enough attention to what’s in your books. Well, I’ve kind of always wondered what exactly that paragraph meant and today I found out. Let me tell you of the wonders of “stripped books”.

Once every month or so at the bookstore we go through all of our paperback stock and pull out anything that isn’t selling well. We leave 2 copies on the shelf, but everything else gets pulled to the back. In the back, we rip the cover off the book (this part has the barcode on it) and send it back to the publisher to get credit and then we destroy the book.

When I was first assigned this task today, it horrified me. Tearing up books…can it get much sadder than that? Luckily I was assigned the romance section so I didn’t feel too bad ripping the covers off and tossing them in the box to be recycled. There was also a fiction cart, but fortunately someone else was going to do those.

Well, after I finished ripping them up, one of the guys I worked with came and told me about the wonders of stripped books. You see as it turns out that we can take some of them home with us…up to five actually…per day. How cool is that?! And I thought it didn’t get any better than the 30% off discount. Boy, was I wrong! Anyway, the managers have to sign for them, but we can go through the stripped books and take 5 of them home with us. AWESOME!!!


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